Au Natural: The GBD Team’s Go-To Deodorants

Here on the Gardening by Design journal we want to discuss and cover one of our personal favorite topics lately: natural beauty! We love experimenting with handmade, local bath & body vendors and playing with our own at-home recipes as well! This year we challenged ourselves to ditch our chemical-laden antiperspirants we had been using multiple times a day every day for gentler, safer options for our delicate underarms.

The majority of readily accessible antiperspirants and deodorants available on the market tend to be full of harsh chemicals and aluminum which actually clogs your pores and absorbs into your system – inevitably doing more harm than it does good for you. Studies are beginning to show the negative effects this can have on your health in the long run and even link towards Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and hormonal imbalances. Antiperspirant inhibits your body from producing sweat where it is placed, but everybody’s got to sweat just a little bit! Blocking your body from this very natural function is unnatural and harmful – so opt for a deodorant (which won’t STOP you from sweating, but with ensure you do so as gracefully and lovely smelling as possible) rather than a product which claim to stop you from perspiring.

Here are a few of our tried-and-true top favorite natural deodorants that we always reach back to again and again. Our ‘holy grail’s of the deodorant world, if you must;


Mary-Anne’s Pick // Leaves of Trees (Toronto based)

In ‘Lavender Tangerine’.

It’s no shock that we gravitated towards this fresh floral scent! We’re a sucker for anything reminiscent of our beloved flowers, and especially lavender – its soothing properties and therapeutic effects never fail to excite us.

I’ll admit its cream form scared me off a little bit at first glance… what do you mean I have to rub this into my underarm? But after just a couple of uses I forgot all about stick deodorant and converted completely! Most of us get so used to using a stick of deodorant that the idea of rubbing cream there seems so foreign, but we do this everywhere else so what’s the big deal? This little tube is compact enough to throw in my purse for on the go and a little bit goes a long way. Pro-tip: once I hit the ‘end’ of the tube, I cut the very tip of the packaging off and always manage to squeeze out a few more uses! Every tiny bit counts. With top-notch ingredients like Argan oil and vitamin E, you really can’t go wrong.

($15.00) Pick your’s up at


Engelina’s Pick // Zoe’s Corner (Ottawa based)

In ‘Lime & Pine’.

Zoe’s Corner – just about as local as it gets! This inspiring mama hand makes some mean all-natural beauty products from lip balm, to soap, to – of course – deodorant. If you hadn’t already noticed, we love any and everything pine tree related (candles, tea – see our Pine Needle Tea post! – and keeping some dried branches throughout the house to bring the outdoors in) so we immediately jumped on this pine and lime scented deodorant. A beauty product that can simultaneously make us feel like we’re both deep in the Canadian wilderness AND sipping on a Corona on the beach somewhere warm? Yes. Please. We’ll take three!

I was sick of using mass-produced antiperspirants that merely made my underarms dry and uncomfortable, so I was beyond pleased when I stumbled upon this one which Miss Zoe assured me would hydrate as much as it left me feeling fresh. This wonder deodorant is promised to be 100% natural and is chalk-full of essential oils, kaolin clay, and cocoa butter.

($13.00) Pick yours up at


Erin’s Pick // Forest Green Naturals (Metcalfe based)

In ‘Eucalyptus Mint’.

Husband and wife duo Sterling and Mike of Forest Green Naturals are living the dream out in Metcalfe, Ontario. The two have been making their own chemical-free bath and body products since 2006, and even recently started keeping their own bee hives to harvest their wax and honey from! How cool is that? This assures they know exactly what is going into their products and where it is coming from and that it is all done so in an ethical, sustainable manner. Did you catch our last post on hanging fresh eucalyptus in your shower or around the home to reap its beneficial aromatic benefits? Well this little stick is just that… but for your… armpits. Add some mint alongside the invigorating eucalyptus for its refreshing, tingling sensation, and some cool coconut oil for added moisture and you’ve got us hooked.

I love the handcrafted, all natural nature of this deodorant and how easily it glides onto my underarms. It’s long lasting even on the hottest of summer months, making it my go-to before hiking, indoor rock climbing, and hot yoga classes. The twist bottom makes it a simple transition from traditional antiperspirants I had grown up using, so if you’re unsure of jumping right in with a cream or powder – give this one a shot for a more classic feel to what you are likely used to applying on a daily basis.

($8.00) Pick yours up at

Do you have any other natural deodorant recommendations and store-bought alternatives that you’ve found tried and true? Have you ever used a powder form or attempted making your very own deodorant at home? Let us know!

Thanks for reading

GBD Team