CONSULTATION Taking in the View

A successful garden design is about creating usable, attractive and well constructed spaces which suit the owner’s personal needs. Making careful assessments through the initial consultation is the first step in the process of creating a garden of your own.


How to plan a successful garden: Making the best use of the space you have


Construction of patio, terraces, deck, pathways
Location of ornamental structures i.e. gazebos, pergolas
Placement of garden walls, pools, fountains, fencing
Layout of planting beds


Necessary grade corrections; mounding, terracing


Understanding the principles of planting, balance, scale and contrast

1 hour Consultation

$ 300 +hst (includes written summary of visit)
*payment to be made upon initial consultation

2 hour Consultation & Pencil Sketch

$ 500.00 +hst (for city lot front yards only)
*payment to be made upon initial consultation

Out of town consultations

$ 600 +hst (85-100 km from Ottawa)
$ 800 +hst (175-200 km from Ottawa)

* Consultations do not include landscape plans



Design ContractComputerized Design

After reviewing the goals and objectives of your project through consultation, a Design Contract will be written to verify both parties agreement on the applicable fee and design package components.





Design Setting Pencil to Papers

With a clear idea of your aspirations and practical needs, your basic design will soon start to take shape. Careful planning will ensure that you end up with a garden design well suited for you and your family.

Following the consultation, a scaled computer generated landscape design can be prepared to address all aspects discussed during the home visit, complete with plant legend, photos of proposed ideas, care sheets and information folder.

Computerized Design

$1,400.00 *starting from +hst

3D SketchUp Model presentation, model snapshots, hand sketch
$600.00 *starting from +hst


These 3D landscape design renderings provide a unique opportunity to visualize what the project will look like before venturing into the construction phase.



Design ConstructionSpade to Earth

Depending on your level of experience, you may feel confident about tackling a simple project but some jobs are still best left to the professionals. The value of an experienced contractor is to know how long it takes to perform various tasks, how to pull together the necessary skilled workforce and how to source the required materials.

Our close connection with Artistic Landscape Designs has made it possible for our designs to be built with skill, knowledge and commitment. Artistic Landscape Designs is a family owned and operated business which has been in the forefront of landscape design and construction since 1955. Their garden center carries the largest selection of quality plant material in Eastern Ontario. Their show garden is a living example of their dedication to their profession.



Project ManagementPeace of Mind

Project managers must maintain good communications with all parties and anticipate possible problems which may occur during the construction phase and find ways to maintain a free-flowing operation while making corrections. GBD is happy to work along your contractor to ensure a polished and cohesive look.

Fees 10% of contract +hst

*Fees are excluded if work is delivered by Artistic Landscape designs