A Terremoto Story


Firstly, we want to appologize for being so absent on the Journal the last couple of months...This past season was a big one for our company as we decided to become independant from another large company that we were affiliated with. We were essentially going into the industry as the new kids on the block! We worked hard and fortunately the season was a successful one. Now we can put our efforts back into things like the Journal :)
We thought we would start off with one that we've been very excited about for a while...

Three years ago, we discovered a small Landscape Architecture Firm out of Los Angeles and San Francisco called Terremoto. We couldn’t stop thinking about their work and the impact it had on us. Their projects are adventurous and raw, but also very heartfelt and meaningful.


Even though we work and live in a completely different climate here in Ottawa, we still feel connected and inspired by them. They use different plants, materials and methods of installation but we can relate to their feeling of composition, texture, and most of all their mindset of wanting to solve problems in a new and interesting way.


We decided that we wanted to somehow show our support for others in our field who motivate us. Terremoto is the first of a series of designers who will be featured on our Journal. Hopefully we can convince others ;)
We created a questionnaire and asked David Godshall, one of the founders of Terremoto, to answer in his own handwriting.

Here is what he had to say/draw.





Thanks for reading

GBD Team