The Benefits of Hanging Fresh Eucalyptus in the Shower

Spring time! With the arrival of spring equinox – the clocks went back, the sun shows its face a little more often, and the birds are chirping – also comes the arrival of that oh so dreaded spring cold/flu. One of our go-to at home remedies to perk us up during this time is to always have some fresh bundles of eucalyptus hanging in our showers! Plus it’s a nice touch to add some greenery and life to your washroom year-round (sick or not sick) if you’ve got a low-light environment and haven’t had luck with keeping plants in your dark bathroom. The steam and humidity will produced extremely desirable effects and you’ll start to find it difficult to shower again without it!


There are many different varieties of Eucalyptus available to us – silver dollar, seeded, and baby blue – just to name a few. We find the baby blue variety to be the most fragrant, hearty, and long lasting due to its sturdy leaves and waxy exterior! Pop by your local florist to grab a fresh bundle of baby blue eucalyptus, just a few stems will do just fine. When you get it home, give the tip of the stems a fresh trim with clean, sharp scissors and then tie the bundle with a long piece of twine or whatever sort of string or ribbon you’ve got kicking around the house – we prefer the former as it seems to last well even when it gets wet on a regular basis! Wrap the string around multiple times to secure it properly and ensure it doesn’t slip out when hung upside down.


Leave the ends of the thread long enough to tie into a loop and hang around your shower head or shower caddy! When the hot water is turned on, the steam will open up the pores of the leaves and awaken that strong, distinctively eucalyptus scent and activate the lovely essential oils within the plant itself. This helps to open your nasal passages during cold (or allergy) season and helps create a spa-like space right at home! Consider it proper aromatherapy without the price tag. Not only is the smell incredibly relaxing but and the combination is as great for the skin as it is for the mind. Such a mentally and physically cleansing start or end to your day!


Over time the scent and the fresh blue hue of the leaves will begin to fade – but don’t fret, it still looks lovely long after the aromatic benefits have run their course. When the leaves lean more towards a brown hue rather than green then you know it’s time to replace! Head back to the shop for another fresh bunch or simply leave the old one be for aesthetic value in your space – it’s entirely up to you! Our go-to stops for fresh Euc: Mary-Anne’s choice: Engelina’s choice: Erin’s choice:

Give it a shot and let us know what you think by posting your fresh eucalyptus bundle in its new habitat! Use the hashtag #GBDjournalentry and let us know what other uses you have for fresh or dried eucalyptus around your flat!

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GBD Team