Gardening By Design; A team who believes in thoughtfully constructing outdoor spaces through connection, creativity, and collaboration.


For over 30 years this female-run company has been exploring and redefining what it means to feel a connection to natural environments.

Their goal is to design horticultural areas that allow you to experience nature in a new way. They want you to feel an attachment to your outdoor spaces, and to have a spot to unwind and recharge.


The possibilities for landscape design are immeasurable. GBD knows this.

At the core of their design initiative, is to create spaces using a fresh and innovative approach. They value infusing areas with a new energy while also being environmentally conscious—striving to make areas look as though they’ve been there forever.


GBD takes a collaborative and open approach to all projects—aligning with their studio vibe.

They believe this is key to guaranteeing the most satisfying results. It ensures that all details are thought through from the beginning and that no questions go unanswered. They believe in endorsing a work environment that is honest, humble, and professional.

Mary-Anne Schmitz

Founder & Landscape Designer

Founder of Gardening By Design, Mary-Anne’s aesthetic and design process is a product of her remarkable childhood.

Growing up in the countryside, as one of 12 siblings, she’d always gravitated towards the outdoors. It was a chance to slip away from her house, which was often crowded and busy. She loved the natural beauty of rivers, rocks, and wild grasses—as well as the smell of dirt. This was also the time she felt most inventive allowing her imagination to run free.

Her appreciation and understanding of plants began during time spent in northern Quebec planting tree seedlings, and was further satisfied while working with Artistic Landscape Designs Ltd. Gardening and design is a organic and nostalgic practice her for—a chance to reconnect with her roots—and to give space and purpose to plant life.

Erin Charlebois

Landscape Designer

At the heart of Erin’s design practice is her belief that all spaces should offer both an uplifting feeling and a particular energy. Complex spaces motivate and intrigue her because of her love for strategizing solutions—she is aware of the power of nature and design.

Her appetite for plant-life and botany stem from the many hours she spent in the garden with her mother and grandmother. Her experience with Artistic Landscape Designs Ltd., and background in art education, and communications has provided her with a particularly unique approach to the industry. Her goal is to introduce fresh and futuristic ideas to gardens and to achieve the best results through strong client relationships. She is dedicated to transforming natural spaces into works of art.

Engelina Schmitz

Landscape Designer

A trained artist and visionary, Engelina found her niche and purpose in Gardening By Design. She spent her life navigating the worlds of entrepreneurship and artistry coming from a lineage of business owners on her father’s side and artists on her mother’s side—experience now invaluable to her.

A family that spent most of their time in the garden, she further indulged these interests while working with Artistic Landscape Designs Ltd., in their perennial greenhouses. This marked the point at which she became a specialist in horticulture. She obtained a degree from Ryerson University in Interior Design and chose to apply her knowledge to exteriors and outdoor spaces. Her enthusiasm lies in designing areas that are always changing, growing, and adapting—never static.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total investment for a design?

The investment for a design is dependent on both the size and the scope of a particular area—and therefore differs from project to project. We begin each venture with a consultation, to offer clarity and insight into our process before reviewing costs.

How do I get started?

Give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions by phone. Once we’ve connected we can set up a date to view your outdoor space and further assess your goals for the area.

How soon can we start?

All designs and building commence in early spring and continue through to snowfall. We also offer consultations in the fall, which allow us to work on designs over the winter so that we can get started as soon as weather permits.

What does a design entail?

We use computerized designs that show, to scale, a bird’s-eye-view of your home and property. This type of design offers the clearest representation of the finished product. Designs also include selected plant materials, hardscaping, and construction notes.

How long will it take?

On average, each design from the initial consult to completion spans four to eight weeks. However, there’s always room for exception dependent on each particular job.

Can I just get a sketch?

Yes, we offer consultations and sketches for small spaces. We suggest contacting us first so we can strategize the best solution for you.

Who does the construction?

We have a variety of Landscape construction companies whom we work with closely. We will advise which company is the best fit for your project once the design process is complete.

Do you only work with plants or are structures involved?

We design everything from pools, gazebos, pavilions, sheds, decks, pergolas, and water features, to outdoor kitchens.